Journey's End - July 2003 to June 2004

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Total time on the road:
366 days, 14 hours!

We have now completed our One Year, One World journey, which has been an experience that has surpassed our highest expectations. Taking a year off to travel around the world has given us a greater sense of perspective, a glimpse of unique cultures, landscapes, wildlife, and people, and perhaps even a better appreciation of life itself.

Even so, there is much that we have not yet seen or experienced; there are thousands more places to visit and explore. What have we learned? We certainly have a lot more in common with our global neighbours than we ever suspected. And maybe less is more; it probably wouldn't hurt for us to live our lives a little slower and perhaps even a little simpler!


Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout the year with e-mails and Guestbook entries; we hope you have enjoyed following our journey as much as we have enjoyed making it. And very special thanks to all the friends, travellers, and kindred spirits we have met on the road during the last year; may you continue to seek, venture, explore, and discover. We hope our paths cross again.

We have documented our journey through our blogs and photographs, all of which can be seen on this website. By sharing our little window to the world with you, we hope that you too will feel inspired to explore and discover this amazing world in which we live!

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