We've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity and means to travel to a number of places in the last few years, thus instilling a passion for visiting foreign countries and experiencing other cultures.

Jen herself has had a colourful history of residences, being born in Malaysia and having lived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for 15 years before moving to Vancouver, B.C. She then spent several years in Edmonton, Alberta and Stillwater, Oklahoma before settling down in Seattle in 1999. She now works as a librarian at Seattle Public Library.

Winston has travelled extensively throughout the United States for work as a software consultant. While six years as a part-time road warrior has more than fulfilled his yen for domestic travel, recent trips to China and Africa have only whetted his appetite for more foreign travel.

We now live in Seattle, Washington with our cat Loki. We can often be found at the hockey rink, a sport we've only been playing seriously in the last two years, but which occupies our time at least twice a week now. Home improvement also takes up a lot of weekend time, with projects ranging from installing new windows to building a garage. More likely than not though, we can be found in front of our computers, surfing the Internet on our wireless connections like true Net junkies.




Yes, we are Canadians, and yes we have the Canada patch on our backpacks. Unlike some others, we don't wear it so much to differentiate ourselves from Americans (many foreigners think we're Japanese anyway), but simply because we're proud to be Canadian. See for yourself here.

We would love to hear from you, whether we're at home or abroad. Please contact us at either jen@yeungstuff.com or winston@yeungstuff.com.


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