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Reflections on Zanzibar


Four days in Zanzibar. What a great experience, especially considering we had absolutely no expectations upon arriving in this island. While part of Tanzania, Zanzibar clearly has its own unique culture and identity. Originally, we were a bit dubious about spending four days here, but we quickly found ourselves wishing that we could stay longer.

Thousands of small, brick homes with tin roofs can be seen while landing in Zanzibar

Getting off the plane at Zanzibar airport, not really knowing what to expect

Groups of men would be standing around by the sides of the road, look at fish, playing games, or just talking

Some of the many dala dala's that people used for public transportation. Couldn't get a shot of the colourful outfits many women wore

Sunrise at the Mnarani Beach Cottages. We would have dinner on this deck each night, as waves from the Indian Ocean lapped up against the beach below

Crystal clear water on a white sand beach at sunrise

We were located on the northern-most tip of Zanzibar, the only place on the island where both sunrise and sunset can be seen

Jen and her tortoise friend while visiting the aquarium next to the lighthouse

More idyllic beach scenes

A local vendor strolling on the beach.

Anne washing some shells while taking a walk down the beach

We saw many dhows, the traditional fishing boats that are used everyday. This one had an outboard motor attached

Our guide Mansour let us walk under these HUGE spiders before telling us to turn around and get freaked out by them

The House of Wonders, the first house with electricity and plumbing in Zanzibar

Shooting the chaotic market over Jen's shoulder. We had to be sensitive about photography here, especially when women were near

A somber reminder: the room where up to 50 slaves were kept during the dark days "of trading in human skin"

We saw hundreds of kids of all ages going to and from school each day

Looking a little goofy... Winston with our jolly guide Mansour

Bent out of shape: an unsual variation on the typical palm tree

Another favourite shot: young men playing soccer (football) on the beach at sunset

Anne and Dave walking through Jozani National Park

The Red Colubus Monkey

These monkeys were pretty tame. They look like old wise men

Rays of light over sunset beside the lighthouse at our cottage

A fitting end: the last sunset over the Indian Ocean that we'll see for a while


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